At SCP, we believe in planting seeds to create a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that each child’s faith with come alive in these early years, only to grow and strengthen throughout their lifetimes. 

Chapel is a great time to connect with other SCP families and celebrate Jesus’ love for us.  As chapel is scheduled outside of class time, we encourage your whole family to attend this lunchtime event.  It is a great opportunity to bring scripture and Bible stories to life for even the youngest child.

Chapel1Every Chapel gathering is a time of worship using our voices, bodies and prayer. Chapel is just the beginning of our school’s focus on spiritual growth for our preschoolers. Teachers incorporate the theme, verse, and story (or stories) into their classroom on a consistent basis through story -telling, songs, activities, prayer, and time to share about God’s role in their life and the world around them.

chapel5Our hope is that each child’s faith will come alive in these early years and that they will gain an awareness of God’s amazing creation, Jesus’ unconditional love for them, and that they can choose to follow Jesus throughout their lifetime.




This is a reminder that SCP and University Place School District are holding a Kindergarten information meeting in Fellowship Hall tomorrow night at 6:30.  It is not too late to sign up for child care at  Allison Drago, the Executive Director of Primary Education, along with kindergarten teachers from schools around the district will be here to present information and field your questions.  You will have an opportunity to talk to a teacher from your neighborhood school if you live in UP.  Information regarding kindergarten readiness, in district and out of district transfers, as well as curriculum and assessment will be addressed during the night.  Come and join us and bring your friends along if they are interested.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Marty