Complete all 7 of the following steps to secure your child's class placement.                

 Application materials must be printed and signed by a legal parent or guardian.  Anyone can hand in signed paperwork.


Step 1. Click HERE. Please contact SCP Administrator Gina Hatcher, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for current class availability!  

Step 2. Complete Parent Portal Info

Enroll New Child

Returning Child: Enroll and Review


Step 3.  Complete Registration Application Form

New Child Registration Application

Returning Child Update Form


Step 4.  Complete Tuition Paperwork

Tuition Express Authorization Form

SCP Contract and Financial Agreement


Step 5.  Immunization Paperwork must be completed or updated (New Child only)

Certificate of Immunization Status  OR Certificate of Exemption  

Step 6.  Review the 2017-2018 SCP Family Handbook & Complete Signature form. 

2017-2018 SCP Family Handbook

Registration Signature Page


Final Step.  Beginning April 3rd at 9:15AM, all paperwork must be turned in to Gina Hatcher, our SCP Administrator. Do not leave any registration paperwork in the SCP Mailbox. All paperwork must be reviewed for your child's class placement to be secured.