Classes We Offer

2s Classes ( 2 by March 1)

T/Th or MWF | 9AM-12PM
In this first preschool experience, two year olds are offered opportunities to socialize with peers, participate in story and Bible time, explore art, and music at their own pace. Our teachers will support your child as they gain language, social, and motor skills and assist in toilet training. 2 and 3 day options.

3s & 4s Classes (3 or 4 by August 31)

T/Th, MWF, or M-Th | 9AM-12PM
1-4PM, M-Th only
Our 3 and 4 year olds participate in a routine each day that inspires growth in the whole child. Teachers incorporate our Bible & Chapel themes into daily learnings and prayer opportunities. While children will learn through play, center activities allow for motor development as well as engagement in new academic learnings. Children will have opportunities to explore art activities in our dedicated Creation Station. 3 and 4 year olds may be in a combined age classroom depending on enrollment.

Pre-K (4 by August 31)

M-F | 9AM-12PM
Our Pre-K class focuses on preparing preschoolers for kindergarten . This class gives students an opportunity to focus on skills that will lay a foundation in not only mathematics and reading, but also give them opportunities to explore and discover through carefully planned motor, social, and emotional activities as well as play. Bible stories, character development, and care for themselves and others will be integrated on a daily basis. Science and art exploration in the Creation Station will also be an integral part of the curriculum.

Jr. K (5 by December 31)

M-F | 9AM-3PM
Our Jr. K class serves two groups of children.
  • Children who would benefit from more time before they enter kindergarten even if they are age eligible for Kindergarten.
  • Older 4 year olds that are ready to engage socially with older children and participate in early kindergarten skills.
Children in this program will practice skills needed for success in kindergarten while also being exposed to early kindergarten skills as their readiness allows for it.
Learn more about our extended care opportunities (Morning Care, Enrichment and Flex Care) HERE.