Tuition allows us to provide the best possible learning environment for your child. Every classroom is led by a certified lead teacher, as well as a full-time assistant teacher. Our class sizes are limited to no more than 18 students (size is determined by age level), and we use Creative Curriculum to cultivate play-based learning to develop the whole child: spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical.

Tuition Rates

  • Annual Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments, due on the fifth of each month, September -June.
  • If your child enrolls after the first day of school your first payment will be prorated.  The first payment, registration fee, and supply fee will be due before your child attends their first day of class.  Following payments will mirror the payments outlined on the "10 Payments" column on our  Tuition Rates Chart
  • A 5% discount is offered on the remaining annual tuition balance when the total balance is paid in one full payment.
  • Families with 2 or more children enrolled at SCP will qualify for a 5% discount on their total family tuition balance.

Supply Fee

  • $50 per child
  • Due on July 5, prior to the school year beginning, or upon enrollment for families registering mid-year. Non-Refundable 

Yearly Non-Refundable Registration Fee    

  • New Family Registration Fee:  $100 per child
  • Returning Family Registration Fee:  $75  per child
  • Due on July 5,  prior to the school year beginning, or at time of enrollment for families registering mid-year.


  • SCP uses JOVIAL for processing all tuition payments and fees.
  • Accepted forms of payment: Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard or Discover); Debit cards (VISA or MasterCard); ACH
  • Tuition is due on the 5th day of each month, September -June  
  • If tuition is not paid on time, you will inquire a late fee, and your child's placement could be in jeopardy.

Have questions or need help?

Contact Jessica Carey with any tuition questions.