Summer Camp


June Camps

Creative Kids: Art & Music Camp
June 17-21|9AM-12 or 9AM-3pm|Ages 3-5*| $70/$140
Become your inner artist! Music, movement, and art will be incorporated into a fun week emphasizing imagination and expression. Throughout the week we will explore the process of creativity and what can happen when children are given the invitation and the independence to create!
Little Chef's Cooking  Camp
June 24-28 |9AM-12 or 9AM-3pm|Ages 3-5*|$90/$170
Our week of cooking camp will be fun, safe, and teach kids how to make healthy food choices. They will learn how to use kitchen utensils; they will use their math skills when measuring and reading skills when following the recipe. 

July Camps

Scuba VBS Day Camp
July 8-12|9:30AM-12:30 |Ages 3-5*|$35
At Scuba Day Camp, campers will go deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they'll experience the ever-flowing , never ending love of God, be immersed in the Word and discover what living water is really all about!
Dino & Reptile Camp
July 15-19|9AM-12 |Ages 3-5*|$90
Dino- Filled day! Come roar your way into some colossal fun as we explore the Jurassic World and the unbelievable creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago!  
Sports Adventure Camp
July 22-26|9AM-12 |Ages 3-5*|$90
Bring on the SWEAT! We will learn how to grow our minds and strengthen our bodies. While learning new yoga poses, jumping through obstacle courses, and trying foods that fuel our bodies. We will try out a variety of sports and learn about being on a team!

August Camps

MDDO: Mom & Dad's Day Out

Under the Sea Camp
July 29- Aug 1|9AM-12 |Ages 3-5*|$90
Arr Matey! There’s a commotion in the ocean. Join us for a fun-filled week as we explore what lives under the sea. Mermaids, pirates, shells, and jellyfish are just a few of the fun creatures we will be exploring. Maybe we will even find some buried treasure?!?

Superhero Camp
Aug. 5-9|9AM-12 |Ages 3-5*|$90
Calling all superhero's far and wide. Campers will go through superhero training, develop their own superhero identity and test their skills through drills, games and obstacle courses.
Ages 1-5*
$35 Per Day
 Various Sessions Available
UPPC's CO-OP is open during summer. MDDO will also be running the weeks SCP doesn't have camps. They have 8 slots per day.  You can enroll as young as 12months old. You can enroll your younger child in MDDO and older child in SCP camps. MDDO is held in UPPC's nursery, and shares our Lodge and Playground.
Email Laura for questions. [email protected]
*All Campers must be potty trained at the time of camp. Camp is available to ages 3-5 or entering kindergarten in the Fall.
Our camps are designed for children whom haven't entered kindergarten.  

REFUNDS: Cancellation up until the Friday two weeks before camp starts, you'll receive 100% refund. 50% refund will be awarded up until the Friday before camp begins.